Under-floor-brake-booster, 1937-48 chevy car frame mount power brake pedal assembly with 7" booster. This power brake booster assembly is an under floor frame mount bolt on kit; which includes brackets and pedal assembly found in most 1928-1934 chevy, plymouth, pontiac, olds, buick, and studebaker street rod car and truck applications and is compatible with disc/disc or disc/drum setups., compact 7" dual diaphragm booster assembly for installation under floor or on firewall of almost any vehicle. cast iron master cylinder has a 1" bore and is suited for disc-disc or disc-drum combinations. master cylinder features two 3/8"-24 inverted flare ports on each side (plugs are included for ports not in use)..

Application: firewall or under floor universal mount. power brake kit for any hot rod needing a slim disc brake booster kit. this kit is designed to offer an easy swap to modern power brakes., these universal pedal assemblies offer a clean, simple way to mount your brake master cylinder and hydraulic clutch master cylinder to the frame, under the floor. kits include a bracket and pedals, plus new brake and clutch master cylinders. power brake kit has a 7” brake booster and matching master cylinder.. How to plumb your under floor pedal assembly with the corvette style master the outlet closest to the booster feeds the rear brakes with the corvette style master, find top-brand master cylinder and brake booster assemblies—right stuff detailing, detroit speed, ssbc, scott drake, and more!