Under-carpet-pressure-mat, we offer a large selection of pressure mats. these are used to sense if someone has walked across a certain area in your home or business.. Get notified of visitors, intruders, or passersby with the sk630 pressure mat alarm. the sensor is triggered when stepped on, activating a pleasant chime or loud alarm., vive wireless bed alarm mat - silent sensor kit for elderly, senior, dementia patients - weight movement pressure pad detector - hospital, home, room, bedroom health fall monitor - home alert system. United security product's pressure mats are simple and effective. compliments existing motion detectors. assured intrusion detection. for 35 years the original interior and motion detectors are still performing 24/7., detect intruders or visitors protect your home/office/business this alarm works by having a pressure mat under the door mat & when someone steps on the mat, it triggers the alarm (or a chime) inside the building. it can therefore be used as an alarm or discreet doorbell..

Roberts indoor 60 ft. rug gripper tape for small rugs and mats offer non-slip strength that eliminates bunching or sliding across the floor on tile, marble, laminate, wood and carpet. it releases quickly,, it also includes a mini monitor which enables the user to raise an alert with their carer, an under carpet pressure pad which acts as a mat sensor and signals a carer automatically when someone steps on the pad.. tm tm page <2> 16/02/15 v1.0 pressure mat sensors important notice : this data sheet and its contents (the “information”) belong to the members of the premier farnell group of companies (the “group”) or are licensed to it., for the past twenty-five years we have been supplying products across the field and have developed a name for providing user-friendly sensors and pagers, and excellent customer service.our products alert carers when an individual leaves a bed, a chair, a room or a home. this can give the elderly or infirm increased freedom, alerting the carer only when necessary..

Ultra secure direct short overview video, showing the security pressure mat, that works in conjunction with our full range of wireless smart alarm systems, designed to be placed underneath door ...