Under-carpet-floor-raceway, cabling raceway under carpet was chosen as a cost-effective and attractive alternative that provided all the necessary connectivity. the layout of the raceways accommodates existing operable partitions, which add even more functionality to the space. architecture firm uses cabling raceway in historic building. The connectrac 2.7 under-carpet wireway provides an invisible solution that accommodates power cable management to any space with carpet tiling., under carpet racewaysgive you a subtle cable pathway that will offer complete connectivity in every interior office space you have. under carpet raceways combine an extruded aluminum central wireway flanked by ultra-low sloping floor transition ramps and an array of accessories and options..

1-800-332-3771 or +1-973-998-2300. fax: +1-973-785-4207. monday through friday, 8:00am to 6:30pm est. for technical support emergencies after normal hours, please call our main numbers above and follow the prompts for emergency support., under floor cable raceway; its ultra thin design lays nicely underneath the carpet. the 2.7 connectrac in-carpet wireway is an ultra low profile floor raceway that will integrate perfectly with your carpeting. connect without core drilling.. 2.7 in-carpet wireway. the 2.7 in-carpet supplies power and connectivity in our lowest profile wireway solution. this wireway also provides a removable top cap that compliments any room aesthetic and allows for cabling accessibility., connectrac 2.7 in-carpet wireway; part # description cord length finish price; ctr-k-2.7-in-048-d: 48"long wireway kit with duplex power 144"& 288" clear anodized aluminum.

Wiremold raceway systems manage cables and wires, bringing data, electrical power, communications and a/v wherever it's needed, from floor to wall., commscope’s undercarpet cabling system is a low profile, flexible system that makes even the most complex cabling job in office, retail, or gaming environments safe, simple, economical and beautifully invisible.. Legrand/wiremold® 1200/1400/1600 series corduct® overfloor cable protection system 1200 series™ corduct flexible nonmetallic pancake® overfloor raceway five foot, more...: legrand/wiremold® 1500/2600 series pancake® overfloor steel raceway