Under-cabinet-vinyl-molding, under cabinet vinyl molding. you can thus do this on your own or hire a professional. it's quite visible to the eye as we walk into the kitchen. it helps to plan the floor layout so joints between boards are in opportune locations. narrow vinyl insert trim, 3/4 inch wide, 25 foot roll, white. right now there's coved vinyl.. The stilecut is our sc2, the panel is 1/4" plywood (or 1/4" mdf for paint-grade doors), and the outside edge is our edge #4 (square). flat panel, or raised panel., chances are you have string lights that spend 11 months of the year tangled in a box. if you're planning to go all out for a special summer party, opt for a more extravagant look by hanging dozens of lights on a patio or porch's ceiling.