Cable-in-my-area-virgin, for the most part it seems that virgin's project lightning, which aims to fill the network gaps, is being directed in part by well organised applications to cable my street, with not only residents but businesses and local authorities getting involved in the submissions.. Ok, new cable possibly a business cable. ntl: would have made big money from laying a kilostream cable to a business. there was a project in cardiff that all new builds were cabled and given digital for one year., compare the best cable tv packages, deals, bundles & offers in your area & check availability. virgin media tv bundles start from just £23.99 a month..

Hi all, i'm moving into a new flat in the coming weeks and have to pay the £125 to bt to connect the line, which locks me in for 12 months @ £10.50 for line rental unless i pay £70 to break the contract, which i dont really want to do., im planning to get a line put in by bt and also have connection to broadband. i am not going to be making any calls on the phone, it is simply for the internet. currently im living in a house converted in to 2 flats, im on the top, while a couple are on the bottom flat. this couple has a phone line and also the internet, so would that mean i would not pay for the connection fee?.

Iam planning to move house early next year and am looking at my options for phone, broadband etc., so who y'all with? who is getting scammed the least? i'm with sky for everything at the moment, as it is included with my rent. though once i move in with the bae we will be looking around.. I too live in brighton marina and, after rearranging the internal phone wiring to use the master socket correctly, i'm now getting in excess of 5 mbps downstream sync speed and the full (limited) upstream speed of 888kbps., well i pay more than enough already, if the government think they are going to charge me another 50p per month then they better to think again. i will pack it all in, get rid of t.

Page 1 of 3 - speed increase - posted in any topic chat: check this out..i was looking at the telewest/virgin media site and came across this..with me being on 10meg atm from may 1st its going up to 20meg..even the upload speed is going to treble broadband size:xl speed increase