Cable-impedance-meter, just take a piece of the cable (just a short piece is enough) and measure the capacitance between the centercore lead and the shield of the cable on one end of it. you need an accurate unit with four wire measurement capability which in my case is an excellent and cheap der ee de-5000 handheld lcr meter.. Measures the grid impedance of the phase and neutral conductor up to the 10th harmonic; triggers load-sensitive and neutral faults; performs multi-phase measurements and switches automatically between the test points, our cpc 100 + cp cu1 test set is an accurate, lightweight solution for impedance measurement on power cables at variable frequency..

Skip to main content. try prime all, an impedance meter is not adversely affected by errors originating from changes in characteristics of measurement cables under measurement conditions such as in an environmental test wherein an element to be measured is remote and high and wide measurement frequencies are used. the voltage and the current of an element to be measured are measured to obtain its impedance and the like.. Cable impedance. this document tries to clear out some details of transmission lines and cable inductance. this document is only a brief introduction to those topics., most standard textbooks on line transmission cover this. it is derived from the t equivalent circuit of the transmission line, having total series impedance of z1 and shunt impedance z2, correctly terminated in z0..

Impedance in the case of cables is ac impedance. thus a 50 ohm cable or a 75 ohm cable. most video cables are 75 ohm and that is the reason for the need to terminate them with a 75 ohm connector. this avoids internal reflections from impedance mismatch.